CHF offers a comprehensive transitional living program designed to help our residents help themselves. We believe that given the right opportunities to learn and the ability to heal from wounds of the past, most of our residents will become equipped to care for their families self-sufficiently even in this difficult economy.

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Families come and go from CHF. Many are special and leave lasting impressions on the CHF staff. One family that comes to mind is Christy, a single mom with 2 children, who recently graduated from CHF.

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I continue to be amazed each day when I come to work at Colorado Homeless Families by the
resilience, hard work, and determination of the families in our program to improve their lives.
One young man I had the privilege of getting to know is Ryan.

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Jessica and her husband had a good life with everyday struggles, but overall they were doing okay. They had a beautiful home that they built together and they had 2 young children…

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