It was 1987 when Connie Zimmerman first felt compelled to act, so she did something. 

It all started with a familiy in need of a home.

Connie wasn’t a woman of great means. Her and her husband, Larry, were both working, raising their two children, struggling to get by themselves. Connie prayed and asked God to help this working, family man. It was then that she sensed the help that God wanted to give, He wanted to give through her. That was 1987.

From that day in 1987 through July 1, 2016, Connie worked tirelessly to help, not only this man and his family, but 502 other families who also worked but had no place to call home.

In 1987, she founded Colorado Homeless Families (CHF) and went from renting and rehabbing dilapidated HUD properties for $1/year to owning 40 transitional housing units and housing on average 200+ men, women, and children each year.

During her tenure, CHF saw

families participate in our Transitional Living Program
families graduate from CHF
families go from homelessness to home ownership
individuals graduate from technical schools, colleges, and universities

Connie’s legacy continues as each year we house 40 families who are homeless or at imminent risk of being homeless. We provide a safe place for these working families to live while they complete our program designed to equip them for sustainable self-sufficiency utilizing case management, counseling, educational and support groups, classes, and community service.

Our people work. Our sustainable self-sufficiency model does, too.

503 families were helped because Connie felt compelled to act. What about you? The story isn’t over. You can be a part of this story of dignity restored and hope renewed. Click here to see how.

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“Our people work. Our sustainable self-sufficiency model does, too.”